Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shama Lama Ding Dong

Wow, I never thought M. Night Shamalamamama could sink any deeper into the depths of film purgatory. I mean his last flick was such a disaster that I thought there was no way his next work could be anything but an improvement. Boy was I wrong. When I see a film, I judge it by how often I find myself squirming in my chair and pondering what better ways I could have spent my time. If you register a zero on this scale, I can at least say I was entertained, and offer an opinion as to what I did or didn’t like about the film. However, if I find myself moving around too much, your film is doomed. At least in the abysmal Lady in the Water I survived an hour or so before I got restless. I can’t say the same for The Happening. The premise…humans gone inexplicably mad committing suicide in very graphic yet comical fashion…while potentially interesting….never really developed into a story. Moreover, the acting was horrific. Marky mark and john leqguizamo just looked so out of place in their roles….. so much so that they could have been replaced by extras and I wouldn’t even have cared.

The only upside- no cameo from the narcissistic writer, producer, and director. Maybe shamalama is making some progress with respect to his infatuation with himself. Honestly, after watching this film I started to think that maybe M Night’s body has been hijacked by aliens or something along those lines. Because there is no way this is the same guy who made Unbreakable and the Sixth Sense. Maybe he should just stick to making movies with Bruce Willis. Either way…my recommendation is avoid at all costs. Nothing Happening Here!!

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jessabelle said...

Signs is still in my top ten favorite movies no matter what M. Night Shawarma does. And it was me who forced you to see Lady in the Water wasn't it? You're welcome. I would have thought after that experience you'd be done with him?? Even I know better, and I'm the one who also loved The Village.