Friday, May 30, 2008

Indy Bust

So, I saw the new Indiana Jones last night, and I have to say I wish it had never been made. The story was weak, the jokes were not funny, and the supporting cast outside of John Hurt and Karen Allen were a total let down. In fact, the best parts of the entire movie were the memories of the old movies. A little glimpse of the ark of the covenant, the ridiculous pcitures of Denholm Elliot(brody) and Sean Connery, and the good old them music. As for the current story line- The Soviets were about 1/10th as interesting as the Nazis....they just didn't really come to life all that well. And the local natives also didn't come to life as well as they have in past movies.

Harrison ford was ok...but definitely not as good as before....but i don't think it was his fault. The blanchett character could have been developed a little more and had a lot more interaction with indy. Guess it's hard to outdue a masterpiece...and that's what spielberg, lucas, and ford were facing with the last crusade. John Rhys Davies, Denholm, Elliot, and Sean Connery were just too good...there are no better bad guys than the Nazi the grail story line was fantastic....gave the movie a real treasure hunt feel that this film really lacked.

At the end of the day i would have paid $8 to listen to John Williams for 2 hours so i can't complain. But i was hoping for a lot more.

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Khudor said...


I'll agree that the story line was definitely weak - the whole Indy meets X-files just didn't work for me. However, to disregard the film completely would be unjust.

One of my biggest pet peeves of long-awaited sequels is the deconstruction of a time-tested character. John McClane never met a terrorist he couldn't take down, but he was no match for the MPAA and 20th Century FOX who dismantled the disgruntled action hero cop we all knew and loved and turned him into an all-audiences favorite in the PG-13 "Live Free and Die Hard".

I personally enjoyed The Crystal Skull. I think Spielberg and Lucas did a good job preserving the character of Indy, and I'd even go so far as to say I'd be willing to see it again...Then again, place Ford, Lucas and Sielberg together on anything and I'd probably enjoy it too.